2017 April - W.B.C Waterside Bowls Club Rules
Waterside Bowling Club Rules.docx Waterside Bowling Club Rules.docx
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W.B.C Waterside Bowls Club Application Form
wbc-membership-application-form.docx wbc-membership-application-form.docx
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W.B.C Competition Entry Form 
wbc-2017-competition-entry-form.docx wbc-2017-competition-entry-form.docx
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2017 W.B.C Club Competition Information.
wbc-club-competitions-format.docx wbc-club-competitions-format.docx
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2017 W.B.C  Ladies Competition Information. 
(Format & History)
wbc-ladies-Competitions-2017.jpg wbc-ladies-Competitions-2017.jpg
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2017 W.B.C  Becoming A New Member 

aaa-becoming-new-member.docx aaa-becoming-new-member.docx
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2017 W.B.C General Information.

Information For Members, Competition Formats, etc , etc. 

Click on the document to expand. and View Document.   Note some do change so please cross check against  Newsflashes on Website and Noticeboards. 

Note: This document is under review as WBC now operates as a self contained club alongside the HCSA (Holbury  Community Sports Association)