Waterside Short Mat  Club   ( 24th December 2020 )

 Waterside Short Mat Bowls club has now moved to:

The QE11 Pavilion

Thornbury Avenue


Short Mat Bowls is a popular sport, a good source of exercise and great social fun. We are a friendly bunch and welcome new members so please come along and join us.

The times we now play during the year: 

Mondays         13:30 - 15:30     Roll up & Play

Wednesdays   10:00 - 12:00     Roll up & play

Fridays           19:00 - 21:30    Summer Roll up / Winter League 

We nearly managed to complete the Friday League before we were forced to close so took the scores with just two games left to play.

Both teams were on the same points (33) so had to decide the winning team by shots for and against

The Gordon Beere Trophy

We finally beat Victoria Park S.M.B.C. from the Isle Of Wight this year, first time in a few years!!

Well done to all that played.


Whilst the club has gained its "Safe Bowls Status" Certificate from the English Short Mat Bowling Association, with regards to the Covid-19 situation the club remains closed until the rules are relaxed to allow more players to play and it is safer to do so.


Contact our Chairman:

Mick Potter Tel: 07751-878792 Or: email-mick-potter (New email address to use: watersideshortmatbowls@btinternet.com)

Officers /  Committee Members
Chairman                             Mick Potter
Secretary                             Heather Clements
Treasurer                             Sue Potter
Competition Secretary        Dave Renyard
Match Secretary                  Dave Renyard     
Committee                           Sandra Bradley
                                              Emma Baker
                                              Alan Baker

League and Competition Results 2019/2020

Friday League Winners: Team E

Heather Clements

Dave Renyard

Dave Vince

Pete Duffield

Friday League Runners up: Team B

Sandra Bradley

Elaine Wills

Bob Wellington

Bart Clements

Men’s Singles

Winner: Geoff Cross

Runner Up: Bob Wellington

Ladies Singles

Winner: Emma Baker

Runner Up: Elaine Wills

Spring Mixed Triples

Winners: Team D

Heather Clements

Sandra Bradley

Bob Wellington

Runners Up: Team E

Melanie Cross

Elaine Wills

John Patterson

Gordon Beere Trophy 2019/2020

November 2019 away game: lost by 19 Shots. (3 losses, 1 Draw & 2 Wins)

March 2020 home game: WON! by 23 Shots. 100-77 (2 Losses & 4 Wins)